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About Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. The primary language spoken in Zurich is Swiss German – close to German, but still very different. The city offers many attractions and great restaurants. You will find more information about Zurich here

On Sunday evening, those  who are from abroad will receive public transportation passes valid for 24 hours each. With the transportation pass you may travel to all the stations in Zone 110 that covers the whole city.  An interactive timetable for all the connections in the network can be found here. The network (ZVV) includes all trains, trams, buses and ships in the Zurich area. The corresponding stations for all the university buildings can be found under venues

Useful apps for the public transportation are either the SBB timetable (Apple App Store / Google Play Store) or the ZVV timetable (Apple App Store / Google Play Store).


Please note: As mentioned above, a transportation pass is valid for 24 hours. Make sure to (re-)validate it at the tram or bus station.