Theme 2021: Transforming research through public participation


Citizen science and other participatory approaches in scientific research have received broad attention in recent years. The aims of involving citizens in science are manifold and range from the empowerment of marginalized groups to increasing the amount of data collected. Activities encompass small-scale local projects as well as large-scale international projects.


In this Summer School, you will identify and develop skills needed to engage in participatory research. Based on an interactive format with ample time for discussion and hands-on activities, you will

  • get an overview of current citizen science debates and know the essential arguments
  • get to know different approaches of citizen science, its methods and tools, their limits and possibilities
  • be able to decide how participatory approaches can be useful for your own research project
  • become familiar with principles, methods and tools for participatory process design and support
  • gain insights from current citizen science activities in Zurich with a high degree of participation
  • exchange ideas and experiences with researchers connected to citizen science and local citizens.


Dates: June 14 - 25 2021, Monday to Friday, approx. from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Place/Format: Online

Application deadline: 10 March 2021, 23:59

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